The Karate Grading System

Like all karate clubs, we have a grading system that allows all students to proceed through levels, or grades, signifying their growth and development. Whilst it is not mandatory for students to go through the grading system, we have found it is a great way for both adults and children to have their progress recognized.

What does a Grading mean?

The coloured belts are like stepping stones on the path to a student’s goal to Black belt. A grading represents that a student has reached a competent level with their current techniques and are ready to move on to learn and develop more advanced techniques and skill-sets.

What is involved in the Gradings?

When a student has completed his or her minimum time period and lessons on a particular belt, and has gained a strong grasp of the technical requirements for their current grade, their instructor will book him/her for a grading.

Gradings are held four times a year, in March, June, September and December, and always on a Saturday morning. If a student has commitments and is unable to attend, they can be booked in later during the following week.

Students are only tested on the techniques required for their belt grade. Immediately after the grading, However, those students who seem to know and are capable of more than is expected of their next grade, are considered to jump a colour belt. All students are awarded a certificate with their new belts.

How long will it take to reach a Black Belt?

As your journey through the system is a personal one, there is no definitive answer for how long it takes a student to reach his or her Black belt. The average time however would be around 4 years.

Our Grade System

White >> Yellow >> Red >> Orange >> Green >> Blue >> Brown >> Black

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